5th European Meeting on Sports Medicine and Exercise | Florence

5th European Meeting on Sports Medicine and Exercise

“what to know and how to do it”

Florence, february 6-5th 2014


New trends in soccer traininig | Training in elite athletes | Evaluation and tests for injury prevention and functional rehabilitation | Hydration and soccer | Nutrition in young athlete | Foods allergy and intolerance | Nutrition in athletes | Genetics and muscles | Body composition monitoring in soccer players | BIA evaluation in athletes | Young and sport medical emergency | The final step of young player | Practical management of sudden cardiac arrest on the football field | Psychological profile can help? | Pulmonary aspects | Urine sample to monitor muscular fatigue | News in diagnostic methods in muscular ecography | MRI advantages and limitations in muscular lesions | Injury prevention the role of team doctor | The right time of injuries recovery | ACL reconstruction | The Original All-Inside Technique for ACL-R in Female Soccer Players: Biological and Mechanical Rationale and Long Term Follow-Up | News on PRP theraphy | Apheresis and dedicated sistems: experience and evolution in PRP injections | Sport return after muscular injuries | Meniscal lesions in athletes | Muscular lesions and soccer | Ankle lesion treatment in athletes | Instrumental therapy in athletes | Neuromuscular and proprioceptive training vs strength training post ACL revision