MVM Italia

  • distributes devices and offers services for the medical sector, both professional and private, athlete or patient; every product is followed and developed by professionals with expertise in their own field, being supported by a Scientific Committee (EMSC);

  • develops projects for physiotherapy and wellness medical centers, with new methodologies into the Medical, Sports, Physiotherapy and Aesthetic;

  • offers technical and scientific consulting on the evaluation and programming of the athletes training. More informations in italian >


SpinalMouse, SpiroTiger, Compex, Lactate Plus, Myotest, BiaCorpus, OmniVibe...

MVM Italia is exclusive distributor in Italy of SpiroTiger©, SpinalMouse©, BiaCorpus©.



  • Spine Assessment System is a core dedicated system to give a functional postural analysis and a targeted, effective treatment for a fast and functional recovery. More informations in italian >
  • EMSC - Euro Medical Sport Center and MVM Italia are partners in the research & development of the international most innovative training methodologies


  • EMSC certified training and refresher courses on different formats, both in our academic locations or, upon request, on site. More informations in italian >

EMSC - Euro Medical Sport Center and MVM Italia are international partners for development and research of the most innovative techniques related to the respiratory system (e.g. SpiroTiger). Any professional, patient or athlete who wants to experience the most innovative recovery or training systems supported by leading edge medical and sports research will find great value in Team EMSC as a partner. Team EMSC is an important source of information and support (
You can now optimize your training with SpiroTiger and customize it to your specific individual needs with an MVM Italia consultant's support.



Euro Medical Sport Center is a consulting company since over 12 years, referred to be a solid scientific-technical partner to work with for teams and professional athletes, giving assessment and training programs to a large amount of national and international teams, in different olympic sports.

EMSC is managing new structures commitments, being acknowledged as very expert in new healthcare solutions.EMSC has promoted as a consultant multiple topics in many classes and update meetings for doctors, hospitals, universities, sport medicine centers, trainers and physiotherapy.
Main  fields are: training, assessment, physiotherapy, orthopedy, sports, aesthetic medicine, dermatology and well being in

 general. A brand new scientific and technical reference test center has been established as a reference center for athletes in every sport.

EMSC is actively promoting scientific research with Universities and researchers, through an always increasing number of single professionals, in different branches, with a common denominator: the athlete as a person.
A Scientific Committee controls and promotes the activity of the group through the Supervision of the Active Members, giving of the main guide lines, actively supporting the capability of the single consultant.

Acquired experience on the field and scientific knowledge allows (according to non invasive methods) to test skills and qualities of an Athlete: just a correct training session or a simple support with a external monitoring is concurring to the prevention of the injuries.